How to do Wet Pork Cure Step By Step

A wet pork cure is a simple way to keep your pork fresh and moist. It is a process of submerging the pork in water and then sealing it in an airtight container. This process is used to keep the pork from drying out and becoming tough. It also prevents it from developing bacteria. During the curing process, the pork […]

How to Use Curing salt

Sometimes called pink salt or curing salt No. 2, curing salt is a coarse-grained mixture of table salt and sodium nitrite. It’s usually utilized to cure ham, hot dogs, and bacon. The sodium nitrite prevents the growth of bacteria and also gives cured meats their characteristic pink color. Curing salt is not the same as regular table salt, and it […]

How to Dry Cure Pork Meat at Home

Curing is an essential practice for pork and meat lovers. It increases the shelf life while adding flavor to meat. It has been used as a preservation method for many years. The process involves removing moisture through osmosis, which prevents microbes from growing. As a result, it preserves the meat and imbues it with a rich, savory flavor. Individuals use […]