The Exquisite History of Wine

  Wine has been called the elixir of happiness – and not without good reason. It is hard to imagine any party or celebration without any representative from the vine. This is probably why people have always assumed that wine was born right next to man. But how did wine really originate? Who came up with the idea of fermenting […]

The benefits of homemade wine

  Wine is one of the most important elements in every occasion. It symbolizes fun and celebration. Many party hosts prefer it because it contains less alcohol compared to other alcoholic beverages and it tastes good. Along with the increasing demand for wine today is the steady increase of its price. A bottle of wine can cost around $30-$1,000 depending […]

Tips on how to become an effective wine taster

  Millions of people all over the world are drinking wine but only few know how to recognize or distinguish its characteristics. Today, wine tasting parties are organized to bring together all wine lovers and test their expertise. It takes a lot of experience and exposure before a person can be called a wine expert. However, becoming one is surprisingly […]

Judging a wine’s taste

  There are hundreds of wines available on the market today. First time buyers usually don’t have any idea what to pick so they settle for the best packaged wine bottles but end up drinking low quality wines. Here are some tips on how to judge the wine from its appearance, smell, and taste: 1. When choosing a wine, get […]

Reasons that Initiated the Popularity of Wine

Below you can find 4 reasons that Initiated the Popularity of Wine. When people think of grapes, the first thing that comes to their mind is wine. This is because wines are generally made from grapes. That is why most people think of wine as grape wines. However, there are wines that are made from rice, herbs, barley, and honey. […]

A Glimpse at Popular Wine Makers

For centuries now, vintners and great wine makers have been tirelessly fermenting grapes, other fruits and flowers to produce the wine that is served at feasts, parties and dinner tables. There are thousands of varieties or types of wine to choose from. White, sparkling, red or rose wine are just some of the “colors” that you can choose from. Wine […]

Understanding and rating wine

  Rating a wine is not for experts alone. This skill can be developed by anyone with enough practice and exposure and it starts with understanding the elements in wine making and rating. There are basically 4 areas where wines are rated. These are appearance, smell or aroma, taste, and aftertaste. Below is some information on how wines get their […]

Know Your Kind of Wine

It is a pleasure to the palate and it teases the senses when you combine fine dining with a glass of good wine. White wine is excellent when you are dining on fish or chicken, while red wine goes perfectly with red meat dishes. You might be confused when it comes to classifying the kinds of wine manufactured by vintners. […]

How to make homemade wine

  Wine has been an important part of any occasion. It is commonly made from fermented grape juice, flowers, and grains. Countries like Italy, Portugal, United States, and Argentina are among the largest exporters of different wines. The most expensive kind of wine is called “vintage”. Vintage wines are made from the highest quality grapes that are harvested several years […]

Wine Storage Tips

  A fine meal would not be complete without having a drink of fine wine to accompany it. If you often hold dinner parties at home, or you feel like spicing up a regular dinner with red or white wine, you can do so if you have your own wine storage at home. Here are some useful tips on wine […]